Check out the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions below.
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What is the age restriction?

You must be 19 or older to enter. You must provide 2 pieces of Valid Government ID (with magstripe) eg. driver’s license or BC ID (2nd piece can be a credit card). Acceptance of passports or other forms of ID is at our discretion.

Is there a cover charge to enter?

Yes, there is a general admission cover charge on Friday and Saturday nights, price varies. College Night Thursday is Free cover with Student ID before 11pm.  (Excluding long weekends & holidays) General Admission applies to non-students.  Cover is waived for groups with a confirmed VIP booking.

can i get on the guest list?

Unfortunately due to high volume we are not offering a guest list option at this time, Please arrive to the club early (9-10pm) to guarantee entry.

Is there a dress code?

We encourage our guests to express their own unique style. However we do have a dress code in place. Please avoid; flip flops, tank tops, beach wear, sports wear, shorts, sweatpants or any gang affiliated attire. Entry may be denied upon our discretion.

Can I bring a large group of 15+?

Of course, however entry times for large groups will vary depending on group size. Please arrive early (9-10pm) to avoid long lineups and increase your groups chance of entry.



Absolutely, Please text or call 1 250 317 4194 in advance to book and confirm a booth. Please call within 4 weeks leading up to your booking date (Do not call several months ahead, 1 month in advance max). We look forward and will do our best to accommodate you and your party.

what are the table/group sizes?

We have a variety of booth options, Our VIP booth capacity can accomodate groups from (4-5) up to (10-11) people. Please call to confirm. Subject to availability.

DO I skip the line if i'm vip?

VIP members will have their own expedited line but still must go through the same security and ID check-in process. VIP members should maintain the same level as respect to our staff, it does not give you additional priveleges other than the VIP benefits.


Yes, however we recommend booking in advance to secure a booth as all VIP bookings that are booked and confirmed in advance will always have priority, any walk-in VIP requests are subject to capacity and availability, additional charges may also be applied. View VIP benefits or Contact Us to book now.